The Issues We Face

School Bus & Children

Local Control

Return control of schools back to locally elected school boards.


Technological and Social Emotional Learning in all aspects and levels should be required as a parental “opt-in” only.

Parent Oriented

I believe and advocate for Kansan parents and guardians to have the unalienable, unfringeable authority to direct the education of their child.


What is going on?


Transparency is lacking in Kansas education and the Board of Education is a good place to begin restoring that trust.

Parents expect nothing less than Honest answers about classroom curriculum. Why are record numbers of kids and teachers leaving public schools? We will have a record number of early retirement from our teachers this year.

When Academics is no longer the focus of education, our children lose.

The Protection of your child’s personal data in all aspects and levels should be “OPT IN ONLY” policies that allow “Parents to Be In Charge.” Who is profiting from student data? How are parents supported in preventing the theft of their kids’ intellectual property?

Luke wants these issues addressed and questions answered for parents. Most importantly, Luke believes every parent is “essential” and should have a voice in the education of their child.